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Welcome to my art website.
I have been drawing as a hobby for several years. Even before I had acess to the internet. I enjoyed drawing furry fantasy, and cartoon type animal caracters. I am on the Yerf furry archive, along with Orlando, Elfwood, and the side7 archive.
Most of my artwork is done on a computer with a digital drawing pad. I usally start a drawing with a pencil sketch on paper. Then scan it into the computer for finish, and color. I use Photoshop mostly as it works well for this. I do artwork for others on commission. It depends on how soon you want it. I will draw most anything. Just ask , and I can let you know.

I live in the U.S.A in the state of Missouri, and have been drawing this kind of art for nearly twenty years. Now with the internet. I can put it up so others can enjoy my artwork if they wish. I have art here that goes back over 10 years..
I hope you return often. I will try to have something new to look at.
I am on several mucks as I have time.
Mac , and Roger.Coon on Furrymuck.
Ricky, and Oldrabbit on Furtoonia.
Mel, and Roger on Foxmuck.
Along with some others.
If you see me, wave or say hi. I am always glad to chat or say hello..
Don Brown (Oldrabbit)

Last Updated: May, 2001

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