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Fur Funnies.. Page 1.    Hope you like them.

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Cartoon--A little raccoon says I dont want to take a bath. Momma. She says. Why not? He holds up his tail. and says .I am afraid my tail rings will wash off.

furfn001.gif ©1999 by Donald L. Brown

Cartoon--Mother skunk asks her son why he is under the bed. He says I am looking for bunnys! She says there are no bunnys there. He says. But you said I had dusty bunnys under my bed.
furfn002.gif ©1999 by Donald L. Brown

Papa rabbit asks his son. Why is your little sister sitting on the Television. His son says . Golly dad. She makes a great antenna.
furfn003.gif ©1999 by Donald L. Brown

A little skunk ask to go out, and play.

furfn004.gif .Art ©1999 by Donald L. Brown

A young fox trys to explain about his internet surfing .

furfn005.gif .Art ©1999 by Donald L. Brown

A young skunk helps with dinner .

furfn006.gif .Art ©1999 by Donald L. Brown

A little mouse helps a friend .

furfn007.jpg .Art ©1999 by Donald L. Brown

A rabbit, and raccoon talk about paper wads.

furfn008.gif .Art ©1999 by Donald L. Brown

A fox checks on his squirrel friend..

furfn009.gif .Art ©1999 by Donald L. Brown

A skunk asks for info..

furfn010.gif .Art ©1999 by Donald L. Brown

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