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Old Furry Tales.

Furry stories for the young at heart.
(Peter Rabbit and many other animal stories.)

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Here are most of the short stories
I have had on my home page.. Hope you enjoy them.

Peter Rabbit n Family.
Ancient Ruins. (Chips Adventure).
Umi Raccoons Story..
Illustrated Story about Chips Adventure..
Story page about the Furry Space Adventure.
Story page about the Skunky Outing.
Story page about the squirrel, and his computer

Funny furry shorts below.
I am not a professional writer.
So please forgive my writing errors.
Stories ©2000 -2005 by Donald L. Brown.
I will add more as I make new ones.

Two small bunnies sit to eat their lunch at school. One says to the other. What do you have to eat today? His friend says. It's a y2k lunch. Young lettuce sprouts, and 2 karrots. =:)

Mother skunk walks into her little girls room, and says. Why are all your toys in pieces, Ashy? The little skunk looks up, and says. They just don't make them the way they used to, momma.

A small fox tugs at his mothers skirt, and says. Momma! can I have a cookie? He holds his paw up in anticipation. She smiles. It is too close to supper honey. The little fellow says if I eat my supper later can I have one?

A raccoon climbs into a space capsule. He tells the control center that he is ready to go. The fox at control counts down 3-2-1- fire. After a few moments the raccoon says was that a t-t-test?. The fox calls back. No.. We umm.. forgot to put fuel in the rocket. The raccoon calls back saying "Lemme out of here!!"

A little rabbit watches his mother wash clothes. He looks up, and says, Why are you doing that? His mother smiles. Making the dirt go away, honey. The little bunny scritches a ear, and looks all around the room. He says. Where did the dirt go?

A cute rabbit girl waves to a raccoon as she sits beside the road. The raccoon notices, and starts to show off. He says watch me. He walks on his hands smileing at the girl. She giggles as he looses his balance, and falls into a big mud puddle.

Doctor fox walks into the operating room, and says, How is the patient, nurse. A very cute skunk nurse looks up, and says.I don't know doctor. He just looked at me, and passed out.

A young fox runs in saying. Mom I am home. His mom says did you have a nice day son? He looks up, and says. I guess. Our teacher took us out on a field trip. We caught worms, and one fur ate them. His sister walks in as he tells this, and "Ewwws!!". Worms, how icky. Her brother grins, Hey sis I saved you some. She eeps, and runs.

A small fur, and his rabbit friend walk into the livingroom. The small fur looks up at his dad, and says. Can I stay over with hoppy tonight? His dad smiles at the two young furs, did you ask your mother? The little fur nods. Mom said to ask you. =^_^=

A fox falls out of a tree. Upon seeing his friend fall. A skunk runs over to see if his fox friend is ok. He looks down, and says, You ok? The fox looks up grinning. Yea! Lucky I landed on my head. =^.^=

A fox knight tells A dragon that he is going to slay him. The dragon rolls on the ground laughing loudly. The fox says, What's so funny? The dragon grins, and says your slaying me, and now I am going to toast you. He chases after the fox, singeing his tail.=^_^=

A squirrel shouts I am home, as he walks in carrying a large coconut in his paws. His mate says, Hi hon. My what a big nut you have there. He grins, and says yea just like me. She giggles, and nods.

A skunk giggles as he reads a comic book. His dad walks in, and says. What are you doing? His son laughs, and says this is so funny. He points to the comic book as he holds his sides laughing loudly. His dad acks! and says don't. Just as the strong scent of musk fills the room. He says now you did it. Your mom will make us both sleep outside.

A squirrel walks into a computer store. The clerk says. What can I do for you? The squirrel says I have been looking for nuts on the web. The clerk says that should be no problem. The squirrel says yea. But I didn't want nutty furs

Two young raccoon start for home after school. One says. Hey! Did you get a chance to look at my big website. His friend says. It's still downloading. The raccoon acks. When did you start. His friend says this morning.

A young raccoon walks into the kitchen, and digs into the cookie jar. His mother says Now don't spoil your supper. He says, it's ok momma, I need lots of food. I am going to be a big soccer player, when I grow up.

Two rabbits stop at the forest edge. One says to the other. I am sure this is the right path. The other says, You better be right. I nearly lost my tail the last time. The other rabbit giggles. I know.

A young squirrel hollers wait!!. As his dad starts to open the closet door. His dad Acks as he is nearly covered with walnuts.He looks at his son, and says. How come the closet is full of nuts. The little squirrel says. But dad. You said I could keep the walnuts from the fur scout nut drive in the house.

Think you can throw a paper wad that far. Sure, I havn't missed the trash basket yet. Yea! But don't practice with my test paper, Ok?

Mother squirrel shouts that supper is ready. A few minutes later. Her son, and daughter come running in. She smiles, and says wash your paws now. Supper is ready. They return quickly, and sit at the table. Mother squirrel says show me your paws. They each hold out their paws. Just then their dad walks in with a towel showing four paw prints. The daughter looks at her brother, and says I told you we should have used soap.

A small fur decides she will help her mother by making A pie. After some time her mother walks in, to find the little fur, and the kitchen. Covered with jelly, and flour. She looks up, and says, Look mommy. I made a pie.

A fur watches a skunk paint a fence. He asks. Want some help. The skunk says, yah! Grab a brush. You can paint the other side. The fur says ok, and starts slapping paint on. The skunk acks! Watch out! Your getting white paint on me. The fur grins. You shouldn't mind a few more white stripes.

Mother fox calls out to her little son. Come here honey. Her son runs up, and says What do you want momma? She says. I want you to help me with your sisters dress? His eyes open wide. , and says How? She smiles. Put it on so I can sew the bottom. The little foxes mouth drops open. But Momma!

A squirrel walks around a tree tossing nuts. A rabbit walks up, and asks what did you loose? The squirrel says. A nut. The rabbit blinks. But there are many laying here. The squirrel looks up, and says. Yea! But my wife wants the one she dropped.

Momma, Can I go out, and play? Yes... But don't get your clothes dirty. But Momma! How much dirt makes them dirty?

One dragon says to another. I like brown peat the best. The other says. Why's that? The first says. It makes the best fuel for my flame. The other says. I find a little coal in my diet is good too. The first says I never eat coal. The second says. Why? The first says. Coal gives me gas, and I hate those backfires.

A dragon lands next to a mouse friend of his. The mouse squeaks hi friend. The dragon smiles. I need some help my friend. The mouse looks at the large dragon, and says. How can little me help? The dragon picks the mouse up, and says. My pilot light went out. Would you light it for me? The mouse shudders, and says. You mean in there, pointing to the dragons mouth.

Two skunks sit at a table. One says. Know what? The other says. No! What? The first says. I found a skunk bean. The other says, What's a skunk bean. The first says. A little round stinker.

Two rabbits walk down a path. One stops, and reaches down to pick up something. The other says what is it. The first one says. It's a quarter! The second giggles. So now your a two bit bunny. =^.^=

A squirrel, and his son sit on a tree branch. Get your old dad a nut from the house will you? His son says sure, and comes back with his mom.

A little raccoon says. I don't wanna take a bath, Momma! She smiles. Why not? He holds his tail up. I am afraid my tail rings will wash off.

A mouse starts to toss a bunch of grapes in the garbage. A rat shouts: Let me have them!! The mouse says. But th--ey. The rat pushes him aside, and pops one in his mouth. The mouse then says. I was gonna say, Those are wax.

Two lions sit watching their cubs play . Papa lion smiles as one chases the other. He sure is a chip off the old block. Mom smiles, then turns to the Papa. Then says, That's your daughter doing the chasing. =^_^=

A skunk walks into her little sons room. He is under the bed. She says what are you doing ? He says I am looking for bunnys. She says. There are no bunnys under there. He looks out. But you said I had dusty bunnys under here.

Two mice stand in front of a large piece of cheese. One says lets take it home. The other says ok, and eats it all. The First mouse Acks. Why did you do that? The second burps, and says. It's easyer to carry this way.

A little squirrel runs up to his dad . He says can I help paint? His dad says ok. That would be fine. His dad turns a bit later to see his own tail being used as a paint brush.

Three rabbits get off a rollercoaster ride. Two say I gotta do this again. The third says Not me. I get a bigger rush each time I raid the carrot patch. =^.^=

Two furs sit passing the time of day. One says. I gotta cut the weeds around my house one of these days.The other says. When you gonna do it? He says. Don't know. I can't find the house.

One fur asks. Could you tell me where the Kit-Cat lodge is? The other fur says sure, But your a mouse. The mouse says, I am a honorary cat. =^.^=

A old fur tells a young raccoon. It is nice for you to help me. The raccoon says. No problem "PoP" The old fur smiles, and says what flavor sonny.

A Fox puts a sign up that says "Free Nuts". A Squirrel looks at the sign. He says,They are free? The Fox says sure thing.. The Squirrel says. Great, I'll take one. The Fox hands him a threaded Nut.

A Raccoon stands up in front of his family. His little son giggles. He starts to speak when his wife, and daughter start to giggle too. He says what's so funny? Mrs Raccoon laughs. You forgot your pants dear. He Acks, as he looks down to see only his poka-dot shorts.

As two Skunks walk along a board fence they see a sign over a knothole. It says look here to see a secret. One looks through the hole. The other says what's the secret? He just shakes his head. The other says lemme look, and pears through the hole, and see's another sign saying "A Secret"

Two bunnys in the tv room. One sitting on the tv. The other watching from the sofa. Their dad walks in, and asks him why his sister is on the tv. He looks up, and says. She is the antenna dad.

A rabbit, a raccoon, and a skunk all sit down together. The rabbit said "Good day ! ". The skunk said the same. The raccoon said "Good Night". The other two looked at the raccoon. He said. Hey! I work nights So?

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